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Painting workshop in Toritos de Pucará

It can be done in the morning or afternoon, this artistic therapy seeks to revalue the art and tradition of the Pucará bulls, which are placed on the roofs of adobe houses in Cusco and southern Peru.

The activity lasts 2 to 3 hours, the schedule is to be chosen with a 24-hour advance reservation, it is a workshop for a minimum of 2 people.

It includes all the artistic materials such as ceramics brought from the town of Pucará, paints, brushes, tools for decorating, as well as professional accompaniment by an artist from the Diego Quispe Titto arts university. Finally, it includes a drink when choosing and the bull made of clay.

The Pucará bulls are a symbol of protection, happiness and fertility, go ahead and take your personalized bull.


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