South Valley

This tour explores three significant sites near Cusco, Peru. Firstly, Tipón showcases remarkable Inca hydraulic engineering with its 12 terraces and water source. Next, Pikillaqta offers insight into the Wari Culture through its harmonious geometric design. Lastly, the Church of Andahuaylillas, dubbed the Sistine Chapel of America, features baroque architecture and impressive fresco mural paintings from the Cusco school. The tour concludes back in Cusco around 2:00 pm.


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  • On this tour we will visit Tipón, located south of Cusco, considered a marvel of hydraulic engineering and possessing 12 impressive platforms (terraces) of fertile land and a water source that as a whole is a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering. Inca.
  • Pikillaqta, a city of the Wari Culture that has a very harmonious geometric design
  • And the Church of Andahuaylillas, considered the Sistine Chapel of America, with a baroque style and possessing a large set of fresco mural paintings and paintings from the Cusco school.
  • Finally, we will return to the City of Cusco.


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