This is a guided tour of significant Inca sites in Cusco, Peru. It starts at the Qoricancha, also known as the Temple of the Sun, showcasing a blend of Inca and colonial architecture. The tour then proceeds to the impressive archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman, famous for its massive stone walls and panoramic views of Cusco. Afterward, it visits Q’enqo, an ancient ceremonial site, and Pucapucara, an Inca military post. Finally, the tour concludes at Tambomachay, a site dedicated to the worship of water.


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  • We start at the Qoricancha, the legendary Temple of the Sun and the main ceremonial site of the Inca Empire, which, together with the Convent of Santo Domingo, boasts a fascinating combination of Inca and colonial architecture.
  • Then we climb to the heights of the city, to the impressive archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman, one of the greatest works of the Incas, where gigantic walls of perfectly placed megalithic stones are found, and the best views of the city of Cusco can be seen.From there we visited Q’enqo, an ancient place of ceremonies and sacrifices, followed by the Inca military post of Pucapucara (or red stone), which had specifically military purposes as it was the control point for entering Cusco and also served as resting place.
  • We finished in Tambomachay, a center of worship and worship of water, the Incas asked the gods for rain to arrive for their crops and for them to be fertile.


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